Photo Booths

Open-Air Photo Booth - Indoor and Outdoor

Your guests stand in front of a large backdrop (or scenery for outdoor) of your choosing. We have a live mirror LCD screen so your guests can see what the photo will look like. For $50 flat set up with an hourly rate of $125, you get all this:

 - 2x6 strips or 4x6 postcards

 - social media sharing, email, texting (wifi needed)

 - Props sanitized after EACH use 

 - Free Templates (Thousands to choose from here

 - unlimited prints

 - free flash drive with originals, prints, and gifs


Custom Templates: Prefer your prints to match your invitation or specific theme? We can design a custom template for $25 (free when 2 hrs of add'l services booked). 

Green Screen: Your guests can CHOOSE from several photos/locations/scenes to stand in front of! Additional $50 flat.

Outdoor Option: Is your event outdoors? No problem, we have a 3 walled canopy and a generator for our booth. Additional $50 set up and $35 per hour.

Larger Prints: You can upgrade your prints to 5x7, 6x6, or even 6x8! Additional: (5x7 & 6x6) $20 per hour, (6x8) $30 per hour.

Magnetize It!: Want your guests to be able to put their prints on their refrigerator, or locker? Add magnetic backgrounds right at the booth! Additional $50 per hour.

Photo booth and props in action!

Custom Templates

These thumbnails were custom templates designed to fit a theme or match an invitation. There is no additional charge for these specific templates and this should give you an idea of our designing skill level. Click on an image for a closer look (and better resolution).

The Button Booth! (COMING SOON!)
As your guests enter your event, they will have the option of standing in front of a backdrop and having their picture taken. As your guests leave they can pick up their 2.5" pinned-backed button not only with their picture but any overlay or graphics you decide. I tested this at my niece's 4th birthday which had a SpongeBob theme and the button had the child's picture looking out the window in SpongeBob's pineapple! The kids loved it! Even the kids who entered the party attached to their parents' leg wanted to take a picture once they saw the buttons. 

Before we offer the full blown, bugs worked out, runs smoothly button booth, we need more testing. If you are interested in being a guinea pig for us and having it at your event for a discount, please do let us know!