Our Balloon Decorations
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Arches and Columns

We can do small arches, medium arches, large arches, basic arches, fancy arches, themed arches, indoor arches, and outdoor arches! Send us a picture of an arch of something you see online that matches your vision and tell us what changes you would like to see. 

We can make short columns, tall columns, basic columns, fancy columns, spirals columns, stacked columns, organic columns (where the balloons are all different sizes), custom columns, baby bottle columns, with any kind of topper with the exception of mylar/foil balloons. You can top them with a 36' round balloons or a twisting balloon that fits your theme. Send us pictures of your vision and what changes you would like to see to make it just right for you and your special event!

Balloon Sculptures

If you want to create something amazing for your guests to take a picture with and share onlilne, we would absolutely love to help you do that. We have created 10' tall disco dancers for Southwest Airlines, and a life size motorcycle out of balloons for a bar.  Imagine the memories you can create and the WOW on the face of all your guests. 

We can do all sorts of sculptures of all different sizes for all sorts themes within all kinds of budgets. See something online that's close to your vision? Send it to us an we will work together to make it the perfect added touch for your special occasion.

If you would like to see all of our balloon creations you can do so on our instagram @ticklemyface1.

Centerpieces and Favors

If you're looking to add zazz to your tables we can make something fun and bouncy and fun to fit a child's birthday theme or something more elegant for your baby shower, baptism, bridal shower or other special event. 

Ever notice that every party you go to, the favors are all the same? Do you want your guests to go home with something new, something different? We make personalized treat cups with your child's name on them, fitting your theme with a balloon animal on top filled with toys and treats. This is only offered as an add-on item along with any other service.