Cake Tables, Dessert Tables, Candy Buffets!


Current Promotion!

Looking for an affordable way to create a fantastic focal point for your special event? We are building our portfolio and gaining experience! Take advantage of our promotional rates for a limited time as we perfect our skills! 

These rates are promotional and you will be receiving a discount on our arches in order for us to gain experience with cake/dessert tables and candy buffets in addition to helping us add more pictures for future clients to choose from. These rates are only valid when you book the entire backdrop and table package as you may notice the rates for our arches are higher when booked alone.

Backdrop with top curtain, side curtains (seen in silver and blue sample and rainbow unicorn sample): $100
Over the top simple arch (seen in the silver and blue sample): $50
Over the top organic arch (seen in the rainbow unicorn sample): $75
Semi arch (not pictured, goes up from floor on one side and over the top): $125
Full arch (seen in the outdoor sample): $175
Table Set Up: $150
Add Wooden Rainbow with Clouds: $25
Pack Up & Pick Up: $50
Desserts: We don't provide desserts, but if you tell us your theme and what you're looking for we are happy to do the footwork for you!
Candy: Based on what you decide and your theme, we will provide a quote for candy.

Please note there are additional charges for organic arches that use chrome, confetti, extra large, or other specialty balloons, added greenery, thickness or clusters of small balloons.

If you see a picture online and would like us to attempt to recreate it for you, please send a picture and we will quote it for you and let you know how close we can get to the picture! We can also do dessert tables if you're looking for something to hold your donuts, cake pops, cupcakes and other treats, just email us and we will work with you to provide a promotional rate for your design!



Please contact us for a quote outside these cities.