Activities and Crafts

Our Activities and Games Coordinator

Looking for an organized way to keep your child guests occupied? We offer a range of activities and crafts for children. We have engaging enthusiastic activities coordinators to ensure everyone is excited and involved in the fun activities. The kids earn tickets for participating and accomplishments. At the end of the activities kids exchange their tickets for prizes, so everyone is a winner!

We do 3 games in one hour. We recommend about 15 kids per hour: $125 per hour

Chose from the following games for your event

Here are the games you can choose from!

Here is a sample of some of the prizes offered at your event.

 Our Crafts Coordinator and Craft Tables

Too busy to shop for and set up a craft table? Want the parents at your event to be able to relax and enjoy adult conversation? Let us take care of that for you! We can provide you with all of the supplies including small tables and chairs perfect for kids and do all the shopping and setting up for you. We can even provide one of our enthusiastic, engaging Crafts Coordinators to manage your craft table and help the children make unique things they can take home as a memory forever! 

The craft table is an add-on service and can only be booked in conjunction with at least one other service. 

Types of crafts we offer are colored sand crafts, paper plate weaving, and many more. We can offer theme specific crafts as well.  The kids at your party will have so much fun making a unicorn banner, painting unicorn squishies, and completing a unicorn maze! Please note an attendant is required where no other services are being booked. 

12 Kids | 2 hours | 1 attendant | child sized table and 6 chairs | $115 + craft package

12-24 kids | 2 hours | 1 attendant | child sizes table and 12 chairs | $130 + craft package

12-24 kids | 2 hours | no attendant | child sized table and 12 chairs | $75 + craft package

12-24 | no time limit | no attendant | no table or chairs | $25 + craft package

Craft Packages:


 Sand Art 

    We offer 40 different options including bottles, necklaces, and key chains: 

    12 Kids | $45 - $65

24 Kids | $90 - $130


For example zoo animal necklaces, or alphabet bracelets

12 Kids | $25 - $30

24 Kids | $40 - $50


 For example pirate hats or princess crowns

12 Kids | $25 - $30

24 Kids | $40 - $50

To get a quote or start setting up your craft table with coordinator contact us now at the link below!